Monday, July 11, 2011

Two hats short of a great game...or should I say two hats too many?

Boring day today. Not really a whole lot to talk about, but I will just type and let this blog go where it will.


Zelda. The best video game series to ever exist. Ever.

Lately I have been playing through the older Zelda games. I busted out the NES and played the original, and its a lot harder than I remember it being years ago. That was back when video games didn't have tutorials, and point and tell you where to shoot. You had to look around, do stuff that made barely any sense but got you amazing results, and draw your own little maps. It was back when video games required a brain!

I wasn't ever much a fan of the second Zelda game. Its sidescrolling battle scenes, and its way to RPG style storyline was too reminscent of Final Fantasy for me. Don't get me wrong, the Final Fantasy series is the second best series in my mind, but Zelda is good enough without having to tap into it's realm.

A Link to the Past is by far my favorite Zelda game of all time. I have been playing the crap out of it for the last week. It took all the great parts about the first Zelda game, made them better, and added even more good stuff to it. The graphics are surprisingly really good for the time, and its got an air of storytelling that through countless play-throughs still keeps your attention. There is little to complain about in this game.

Ocarina of Time is my second favorite. It was revolutionary on the Nintendo 64. It was fun, and I always had a blast playing it!

Majoras Mask is what I consider to be the beginning of the downfall of the Zelda series. It was a good game, but it tried too hard to capitalize on Ocarina of Time. It had a fun storyline though, and I liked the different characters you could turn into.

Windwaker was in and of itself a pretty good game. But I officially think that Toon Link is satan incarnate, and that any game he appears in should not be considered a part of Zelda canon. It's an affront to the awesomeness that is Link, and it took the series in a really bad direction. Like two hats on the ugly boss direction. Spirit Tracks was by far the most abysmal game to ever be released ever. There are no ifs ands or buts about it. It's stupid, and made for 2 year olds. It has nothing to do with the true essence of Zelda games.
Pictured: 2 hats for 2 year olds!
Twilight Princess was a redeeming work for Zelda creators. It brought back a good looking Link, and it kept to a pretty great storyline that fit the Zelda world. I feel that Skyward Sword will also be a good direction that the Zelda series goes in. I am looking forward to this series making a great comeback and going places from here.

Alright, so I want to introduce a concept of the daily question here on the blog. Its a way to get interactive with comments! Usually it will have something to do with whatever I am blogging about, but who knows, I am a quirky guy, and I can post whatever the hell I want to!

Today's question though, is What is your favorite video game, or video game series of all time and why?


  1. YES! Zelda! Brings back childhood memories! Especially the ones on the GameCube!

  2. After they re-ported OoT to the 3DS, I blew the dust off my N64 and played Majora's Mask.
    But to answer your question, I love Half-Life.
    Such great game design, puzzles, story. No other FPS like it. 7 years later and Half-Life 2 still has tons of replay value to me.

  3. Zelda has been a favorite ever since the N64 came out. Played that game like there was no tomorrow. The plot line always screwed with me!

  4. Never really played Zelda, probably going to try it some time in the future.

  5. My favorite series is also Zelda, but a disagree with you a bit there. You say Toon Link is satan incarnate, and give no details after that. I say he is one of the best Links ever. He is the most expressive in characterization of any Link to date. Unlike most Links, he actually earned the triforce of courage, and wasn't just born with it. Also, show me another Link that stabs Ganon through the head with the master sword. Not awesome? Pffft.

    Also, what is your definition of the "true essence of Zelda games"? I define it as how the creator of Zelda defines that, a representation of his experiences as a child exploring the outdoors and having adventures. I think Zelda strays from its true essence once it tries to have an adult link or tries to be really grim dark.

    Also, if you think Spirit Tracks is the worst Zelda ever, you clearly haven't played phantom hourglass, or wand of gamelon. Hell, I'd even play Spirit Tracks over Zelda 1+2.

  6. I remember beating Ocarina of Time, one of the happiest moments of my life.

  7. Well... Zelda is great and to answer your question
    I love ratchet and clank:Gladiator

  8. Love Zelda, played it trough out my whole childhood, though the new one on the Nitendo DS I didn't liked that much but thanks!

  9. Zelda is awesome. My fav. game is StarCraft 2 though

  10. I used to love playing Zelda ocarina of time. never beat it and it still haunts me. +1 Follower

  11. Attempting the water temple in Ocarina with no prior guide reading or knowledge is hell on earth I tell you, HELL ON EARTH.

    Love the series, can't get enough of it.

    Favorite series of all time is too difficult a question to ask... Baldur's gate maybe?

    Great blog, really detailed posts! Followed.

  12. Zelda is the best... that is all

  13. way too many, zelda will always be best!

  14. O yea, well I'm wearing 3 hats!!!

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