Saturday, July 9, 2011

Finally, an update! some of you may know, I recently moved up to Fort Wayne, Indiana. I am living with my great aunt and uncle in their amazing house.

Life is going good so far, I am really enjoying myself up here. Lots of down time to chill and relax, they live on a big ol' lake, so I can go out and swim, or lay out on a raft. Since moving up here I have invested a lot of thought and time into my future, and so far things are going exceedingly well! I am excited for all the prospects that may come of these couple of months spent up here. 

First and foremost on my mind is the recent decision I have had to join the Navy. My best friend Travis joined, and I really was impressed to see how much he enjoyed it, and how he prepared and got in shape through doing it. Out of all the armed forces, the Navy is really the only one I have an interest in. So in the last few weeks, I have met with a recruiter, and taken the ASVAB. Its basically the ACT of the armed forces, and its scores are used to figure out which jobs you'd be good for in each of the branches. I got a 97 on the test (The highest score is 99), and automatically qualified for every single career the Navy offers. I am very strongly considering going into the Nuclear field. It has a lot of financial benefits, and after my 6 years in service, I will come out with so much experience in that field that I could make a darn good living at any company I so choose, or I could even make a career of the Navy. Going through with this, I would be really setting myself up for a successful life and career down the road. 

In the meantime, I am working at Starbucks to pay the bills. I love it there! The people are so fun, and the work is actually pretty fun as well. Each drink is different, so it takes a little bit of the monotony out of the job. There are tons of regulars who are nice and make the day go by when you get a chance to chat with them. All in all I would have to say its my favorite job that I've had. If all else fails, I would not be against making a long term career moving up the ranks at Starbucks. 

Since moving up here on June 13th, I have lost about 15 pounds. I am working out a few days a week, and going on a 2 mile+ walk every night of the week. In order to continue the process for joining the Navy I have a little bit more to lose, but its going exceedingly well so far, and I am feeling really great. A lot more fit and healthy than I have been in years. Its an ongoing process, but I am well looking forward to the results. 

Other than not a whole lot going on. Chilling a lot, playing video games, watching t.v. and missing my friends. One thing about it up here now, theres no one to go out and do stuff with. I haven't made any friends yet, but hopefully between church, and work, I will start getting connected with people out here as well. In the mean time, I am totally ok with have time to lay out on a raft, and just chill. Its really freaking nice. 

Aight yall, I plan on keeping this blog going more successfully than my last, and to not post crazy stupid posts about hating myself like last time! There will definitely be more humor and stuff as time goes on, but seeing as how I am away from a lot of my friends, this will also just be a let everyone know whats going on in my life sort of thing. I'll keep you all updated!


  1. 15 pounds is impressive, keep in mind though that muscles weigh more than fat.

  2. I really enjoy it when people put their heart in their writing. I expect great things from you sir!

  3. Great to hear, that's impressive! Followed!

  4. dude, i used to live in New Albany right across the Ohio river from Louisville. i took the ASVAB as well scored 98. you have absolutely any choice you want for your military path. its pretty awesome.

  5. Thanks for the Support guys! I am really excited about the working out and losing weight, as well as my future career in the Navy!