Sunday, July 24, 2011

Try the grey stuff, its delicious.

I stole this from my old blog, it was one of my favorite posts!

Kids, I have got a confession to make to you guys. I hope you guys are ready for this. I mean, this is kinda huge for me. It's something I really need to get off my chest.

You ready?

Here goes...

I love food.

WHEW! Man, that was hard. I have been wanting to get that off my chest...errr....gut for the longest time now.

Like lets take a look at my history with food. 

Pre-Birth: From hearsay conversations I hear that I quite enjoyed Taco Bell and White Castle while still in the womb. Screw that pickles and ice cream crap, I wanted my 35% beef mix! 
More Like 35% Cocaine! That stuffs addicting!

Birth and subsequent few months: Typical baby food. Dude, this stuff is amazing, its like pre-chewed food without all the saliva! Its pureed deliciousness. Seriously, next time you have an inkling pick up a jar of banana baby food. Greatest decision of your life.

First few years of my life: I ate roughly 3 times a day. You know, whatever mom had cooking. Believe me, though I loved food. Look at my childhood pictures, I am the poster boy for eating. 
Yup, that about sums it up. 

Early Teen Years: This is where it starts to get good. I eat all the good food I can find, spend big money in school to get the pizza. We used to have eating contests at lunch in middle school to see who could eat the most flaming hot cheetos. It was a blast! 

Late Teen Years: OMG! Entering the work force was amazing! The Food industry is like my bread and butter! I've worked at Taco Bell...which has since before birth been my favorite establishment. I've worked at   Chevy's Fresh Mex, Dave and Busters, and Panera Bread Co. Dude. Food is my life. I eat EVERY DAY! Thats hard core dedication. Some people don't see their own wives or kids every day...just saying...this love runs deep. Like gastro-intestinal deep.

Current: I eat all the time! When I am at work, I eat good ol' sammiches. At home I love to experiment in the kitchen! Cooking is an art, not a science, and I love to create new culinary delights, even if it means sifting through the not so delectable dishes...its seriously saturating my life. As long as its not transfatting it then we are ok!

Alright, this post is running entirely too long, and its just about food.

Here to end the post are a few of my own quotes about food.

"What it really comes down to in deciding if she's the 'one' or not, is whether she's the kind of woman that stirs the whipped cream into a drink, or lets it sit til the very end."


"It's (food) totally one of God's greatest gifts to humanity. Dude when he created taste that was like my favorite part about creation. Hands down."

"Food is the best. I am convinced that amazing culinary creations are a part of God's redemption of mankind."

"This is so delicious! The fat tastes like cheese!"

Yeah, this is why I was a fatty.


  1. Taco Bell and White Castle is like paying money to be sitting on the toilet for hours

  2. I'm a college student and while taco bell pretty much sucks, it can get me a meal for $2.

  3. well i cant say no to food of any kind but i've found a balance between eating and body activity that keeps me going without gaining weight :)

  4. one can never have enough tacos!


    Also, I'm not one for Taco Bell. It's weird, I LURVE the caramel empanadas, their burritos are pretty bomb...but if I want tacos I'll either get those janky-assed funky-fucked-up tacos from Jack n' the Box or chicken soft tacos from Del Taco (not that there's any I've noticed here in Bellingham).

    Not so strangely enough, I haven't had a chicken soft taco from Del Taco in, like, four or five years. That's the kinda fatty fast-food that'll catch up with you QUICK, and they're cheap too...which makes them my ultimate temptation.

    GAH, fast foooooooood...they know what they doing, take off every Zig!!!

    Even if this is a repost, it's a great one~! No wonder you kept it!

  6. So when I go to the US I should visit the Taco Bell? lol on it

  7. Haha interesting post mate, im a bit too much of a health nut to properly enjoy tacos :(

  8. Well, I guess we're all addicted to food. :D
    Following and supporting, mate! :)

  9. Food is an addiction and 100% of food users die within their lifetimes!

  10. All right, let's see. I love food too. And because of this, I eat whenever possible. And because of my metabolism, I never gain a pound. and because of genetics, I never will. So bring on the food!