Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sleepless in Starbucks (Which happens to be based in Seattle)

Man I am tired today. I stayed out late last night to go see Horrible Bosses with my cousin and his girlfriend. The movie was pretty funny, but overall was just another lame comedy. One of those ones where almost all the funny parts are in the previews. But still I enjoyed it for the most part.

Then I had to get up early this morning for Church, which was awesome. It was a really good service, and a lot of passion and spirit moving in the congregation. Always love that.

But today was also the first day I closed at Starbucks. I went in at 2. and got off around 11. Not a terrible shift...but I was already sorta tired, and I didn't want to overload on caffeine cause I am starting my training tomorrow. Work was hot, cause it was like 98 outside and there are a ton of huge windows and the drive through window constantly opening. So that sucked my energy. Then it was pretty busy for a sunday night, and then I had to learn how to close everything down. What really sucks though is that my manager didn't realize that today I had to close when he made next weeks schedule....and I have to open tomorrow. So now I have to be at work in 5 and half hour. That sucks. Tomorrow is gonna be tough...

Welp, not a lot else to go on. I am considering starting a second blog to document my training and such, that way I am not boring all of you guys with it (of course its not like ranting about my random life is that much better...I promise to actually start posting interesting and humorous posts as soon as I get my hectic schedule figured out).

Alrighty then, I am off. Heres today's question. What is your happiest childhood memory. The one that sticks out the most for you.

Alright! Have a great day guys!


  1. DAAAAYUM, I'm suddenly thinking of NOT going for a Starbucks job. I mean, any job is better than no job...but Starbucks is startin' to sound more and more like the kinda grind that I might flip out on.

    And I believe in self-control above all else...

    Huh, happiest childhood memory? It didn't kill me. Does that work?

    I had good days, I had bad days...reckon it was like anyone else, ultimately. Just ups and downs and today I'm just glad I didn't have as screwed up a time as others seem to have had.

  2. Keep going, and good work!

    Happiest childhood memory? The feeling of freedom! No overworking! No exams! And I didn't have to look at teeth every day!

  3. I love starbucks! drinking an iced coffee as we blog :D ... my happiest childhood memory? mmm.. being a child cause being an adult is exhausting sometimes! + 1 Followed!

  4. Happiest memory? I guess that spending time with my friends during summer

  5. i try not to think of my childhood.